The paintings herewith presented for sale are some of the handiwork of Israeli artist Adina Roizman, of New York, Vienna and Jerusalem.

We hope to add to these works for further presentation at this location. Originals or authentic copies may be purchased. Also available, on special order, are individualized paintings and illustrations, illuminated prayers (including Maimonides’ famed Physician’s prayer), and marriage ketubot…plus an entire range of “segulot” (charms for Divine protection and personal and business success).

Additional categories include illustrations based upon the Bible and other holy writings, decorated in pencil, watercolor, oil and gouache. Another particular favorite is the Family Tree.

Aside from works of art, other products available through Ms. Roizman include Talitot, tsitsiyot,tephillin, mezuzot Torah Scrolls, and other articles for religious observances, Bar/Bat Mitzvot, weddings, etc… all exclusive and of the highest quality.

The finest Jewish religious artwork